Life is like a song, it turns t

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Life is like a song, it turns to listen; life is like tea, it is full of fragrance; life is like a tree, it grows up; life is like a river, it runs to the four sides.e is covered with a mysterious veil, and he has deceived many people with his appearance. Only those who truly understand life can smile and walk to the end of life. is life in the end? When we are alive, it seems difficult to answer this question. Is life strong or weak? Is life noble or embarrassing? Maybe everyone's answer is different, so it can be proved that life is colorful.ck! Tick!" A drop of water emerges from the cracks of the stone. This is the starting point of life. Later, the water droplets accumulated more and more, forming a small water beach, but this is, the sun came out, the small water beach turned into steam and disappeared into the air, but it did not give up, still courage, "tick! Tick!" Newport Coupons For Cartons, a small drop of water emerged from the crack of the stone, slowly forming a stream of water Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, slowly, into a stream. A new life began, and the creek sang a song and ran forward. I feel that life is like a river.rson accidentally dropped a tree in a brick joint. After a month, the stone brick was topped by the seedling. That little seedling has a very powerful force, that power is the power of life, you can flip the stone bricks that cover you. After a few rains, a few winds were blown, and the seedlings grew up. It stretched out the branches and spread out on all sides. The flowers were opened soon, and the fragrance was overflowing. When the flowers fell, the tree came out, and that was the reward Marlboro Reds 100S Carton. In this way, year after year, day after day, it has become a towering tree. I feel that life is like a tree. do you see the rainbow without going through the storm? How can there be a fruit of life without going through the challenge? After the rain is always in the wind and rain, life can only grow up if it is suffering. There are no towering trees in the greenhouse Newport 100'S Cigarettes. If you grow up in an environment that is too comfortable and smooth, the only thing that can be harvested is the parasite that cannot stand the test Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale.her the past is brilliant or desolate, success or failure, God will not give us another chance to choose. So let us cherish life!

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