In the 21st century, there

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In the 21st century, there are fewer and fewer illiterates around us, but false illiteracy has increased. Those who have culture do not speak of civilization, do not talk about social public ethics, disregard national laws, but pretend not to recognize the false illiteracy of the word. What they think of is their own convenience, their own interests, and no one in their hearts. the shopping malls, some operators have occupied emergency passages because of too many goods Free Newport Carton, and blocked the emergency passages. They are not ignorant of the "emergency passage" characters, they are fake illiterate Newport 100S Carton Cheap. These operators are too ignorant of public ethics. If there is an emergency Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, how can people in the mall escape? These operators are really not cultivated, they only think for themselves, for their own interests, regardless of the lives and deaths of others, they are too ignorant and too selfish. This kind of person is not as good as a primary school student Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale. Please ask them to go back to elementary school and let the teachers of morality and morality wash their brains and purify their souls.er the mountain, there is a banned sign that ��no fire is allowed��, but some people look at it and still do it. Not only smoking, but also throwing cigarette butts after smoking. These people are not illiterate but illiterate. Why do they make such low-level mistakes? It is because they do not care about civilization for their own convenience, and ignore the national forest law. Many forest fires are caused by rude behaviors that are illiterate. Because of their ignorant and stupid behavior, they often become arsonists and are sanctioned by law. But they burned the forest and burned wild animals, causing huge losses to the country. False illiterate, you are too hateful.se literary acts blindly harming others, harming people, harming society, and harming the country. False illiterate, please keep your eyes open Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping, see those warning signs, slogans, understand people, be civilized people, be people with public morality, and actively become a harmonious note in a harmonious society.

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