A summer tutoring class

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A summer tutoring class made me very hard to forget. What happened? It turned out to be the case: the teacher asked us to look at "the scientist of the future."at in their respective positions seriously, curiously watching what the teacher was doing in the desk drawer above. After a while, the teacher stood up and said, "Well, now you look at one by one, but you can't talk to your classmates when you see it." Finished, the male student sitting at the front went up to see There seems to be a pleasing look in the eyes. He pouted and walked down, sitting in amazement and laughing. Then, the students went to see them curiously Cigarettes 100'S. After reading them, some of them were confusing, some were confused, some were strange, and they were weird. "What is the top of it?" I can't sit still, I really want to run up to see what happens.s finally my turn. I didn't wait for the teacher to call my name, I just ran to the front of the blackboard Cigarette Cartons For Cheap. I looked down and saw that the drawer was a thick dictionary and a mirror in front of the dictionary. I squatted into the mirror and saw a long-haired girl in a pink top and denim shorts. I looked back and looked at myself up and down. I was surprised: "This is not me!" I walked back to my seat in confusion.ing in the seat, I carefully reminisced about the scene, and finally understood the teacher's intention to let us see the "future scientist": the teacher is to let us know that as long as we work hard, the future scientist is myself.ervation is interesting and meaningful, and it is truly memorable!l, the class bell rang, this section is my favorite physical education class, we came to the playground and saw the teacher Wang holding a basketball in his hand, still slap on the ground a few times, basketball It strikes the ground and makes a regular sound, just like a human heartbeat. At this time, I was a little anxious. The teacher shouted and dismissed. I immediately took the basketball. At this time, Wu Tao, Chen Ming, Li Wei, Han Bing reacted very quickly to me Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, and me. Playing basketball together, I forced the ball to the basket and slammed the ball around the basket. The ball didn't go in and fell. At this time my classmates were cheering and laughing, the ball was robbed by them. I took the opportunity to kick the ball to the teacher in front of the ball Marlboro Usa Price. The teacher used the explosive force to push the ball into the basket. My classmates and I They kept chasing basketball in the pasture, and unconsciously the bell rang. We reluctantly gave the ball to the teacher and stood up and looked at the teacher. Today's physical education class is now my "failure is the mother of success Newport Cigarette Price." I will continue to work hard, I will cheer for the future of the blue ball

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