Damn! I can't stand it!

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Damn! I can't stand it! How do you feel embarrassed every day? "So, I made up my mind to prepare for a battle with you." day in the summer vacation, I went to the bathroom. I saw a squatting squatting on the door frame. My anger didn't hit one place, and I wanted to eliminate it. So, a big battle kicked off.grabbed a pair of slippers and carefully came to the front of the squat and looked at it carefully. The little strong, the long tentacles on the head swayed back and forth, a fearless look, greasy and brown wings. Close to the body. It��s really disgusting to die. I moved a little further forward. This thing, it must be too long for no one to discipline it, and the eyes are smug. Hey, I am coming to subdue you today. I saw it squatting motionless, as if waiting for me to make a move. Ok, no wonder I am. My teeth bite, my heart is horizontal Marlboro Lights Online, at the speed of the wind Cigarette Wholesale Prices, holding the slippers, hitting the beggar, and with the sound of "ž", I immediately landed. I couldn��t help but feel a little excited, and I��m still shaking the two tentacles., I rushed to the side of the shoe cabinet with lightning speed and put on cotton slippers. Quietly came to the hustle and bustle of the place Cigarettes 100'S, did not want to just found the cockroach but found me, struggling to run quickly. I hid behind the toilet door and watched the cockroach. I saw it moved and swayed to the front of the laundry table. Doesn't this mean to irritate me? Forget it, look at its demo, I gently touched the nose, quietly around behind it, when it was not ready, use an invincible foot. You can't escape now! I couldn't help but smug, smile, lift my toes, yeah, don't say dead, and I didn't even see half of the shadows. Hey, mad at me, this time let you run again, next time you will be put to death. I am very angry.an to the balcony Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, picked up the broom, and prepared to fight again. I am determined to win. I gently walked to the door of the bathroom and sneaked in and looked at it Newport Box 100'S. The scene in front of me was really mad at me. He actually brought two strong helpers, three to one, unfair. I yelled "ah", and the anger in my heart burst out and chased after the chaos. They hid in Tibet and ran very fast. Finally, they disappeared. I was so tired and panting, helpless, exhausted, I no longer have the strength to fight, I threw the broom and rushed to the sofa... this time the battle with the hustle and bustle, I lost!

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