After a heavy rain, the autumn

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After a heavy rain, the autumn girl came to the world with a brush and a light pace Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online. She washed away the heat of summer and brought coolness to people.e beans in the field are irritable, and they are squatting straight out; the temper of the corn is not mild, and the mouth is full of gold teeth and the passers-by grinning; the bottom of the mountain is not so good, all day with the drink of the Erguotou, full The face is full of blood, just want to find a large granary to lie down and sleep.apples hung high on the branches, like a shy little girl, covering the shy red face with a fan. The pomegranate girl is different Newport 100S Carton Price, and her head stretches out from the leaves Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online, and she opens her mouth and laughs. The diligent fruit growers are busy picking fruits. Apples, oranges, peaches, and baskets were shipped to big trucks. Hey! The farmer��s face smiled and opened the flower.rful chrysanthemums are red like fire, yellow are like sparkling gold, powders are like sunset clouds, purple are like grapes hanging on trees Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, white is like snow.ust of wind blew, the leaves resembled a butterfly that fluttered, fluttering from the sky, and together with thousands of leaves, made a golden carpet. sky, rows of "human" shaped wild geese sang songs to the south.mn is a symbol of harvest, and autumn is a golden world. I love autumn and love all the scenery that nature gives us.st last year, I hurt my grandmother most, and I also experienced the terrible and suffocating feeling of death, which left me with a lot of shadows. Sometimes, I even think: If there is only one day left in the world, what should I do? Is it silently accepting this fact or is it resisting?told my mother about this problem. Mother said: "Now the technology is changing with each passing day, do you still need to worry about this problem?" I think, my mother is right Buy Newport 100S Online, but humans can't always rely on technology.old this question to my dad with rich physics knowledge. He said: "If there is only one day left in the world, we should do something meaningful, isn't it? Destiny is not destined, but we only have to be around. Start by bit by bit, it is to contribute to the earth!"ought about it and accidentally stepped on the grass on the lawn. I immediately released my foot and looked at the grass. Although I stepped on it, but it is still trying to straighten up the body, is this not the power of life? Isn't this the survival instinct of human beings? end, this grass also made me understand: If there is only one day left in the world is not terrible, it is terrible to overcome this psychological obstacle. Human beings will never be separated from each other, but will pass on happiness from generation to generation.

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