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mark. Twain once said: "There were two outstanding people in the 19th century, one was Napoleon and the other was Helen. Keller. Recently I read Helen's book - "If you give me three days of light." After the book, my heart was deeply shocked by the spirit of Helen! the book, Helen said: Knowledge gives people love, gives people light, gives people wisdom, and should say that knowledge is happiness. Because of the knowledge, it is the pulse of human activities in history, otherwise it will not understand the music of human life! Indeed, the power of knowledge is endless, and it is knowledge that makes Helen create these miracles!he book, Helen's description of the natural scenery with delicate brushstrokes makes it difficult to believe that the book is written by a blind person Wholesale Cigarettes Online. She went on horseback riding Newports 100S, boating, swimming, sledding; even boating alone on a moonlit night; I used my heart to appreciate the beauty of the lotus pond under the moon; she went to "visit" the museum, "listen" to the concert, and even "appreciate" the opera... I believe she I must feel the world with my heart and enjoy my life with my heart. She lives happily than normal people like us, lives full and lives meaningfully! It is the courage that knowledge has given her life. It is the power that knowledge allows her to accept the challenge of life Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, so that she can face the predicament with amazing perseverance, and finally find the light of life in the dark.t is the meaning of life, and what is the value of life? People's life is short-lived, and each of us uses knowledge to light the lights in our hearts. I believe that this world will be a bright light! In the books I have read, the book that makes me feel the deepest and most impressive is not the book "Grateful Story". This book is the most sincere, the most profound, the most exciting, and the most beautiful. Let my whole heart be full of gratitude.ause of this book, I have a better understanding of maternal love. Maternal love is as strong as black coffee, and people who have not drunk will not understand. You need to feel this love with your heart, this love is eternal! Maternal love is fragile, but strong. Her most painful thing is that she cannot protect her children. Mother's life is born for love, born for her children, she can create a miracle in the world.cause of this book, let me have a deeper understanding of the father's love Newport Menthol Cigarettes. The father loves to be as deep and wide as the sea. Does that father not love his children? Father's love is deep, sometimes they don't say that they love us Marlboro Cigarettes Website, but from their every move, we can see that "�� is love, it hurts." Father's love is the kind of plain and plain water, but it is the pillar and the spiritual pillar when our life will collapse. makes independent life connected? What makes this cold planet produce a "human temperature" that is warmer than the sun? It is the most primitive touch and gratitude of love and being loved, as well as the love and love. Only by paying more love between life, "gratefulness" will exist in more lives. As long as everyone gives a little love, the grateful rain will nourish every cracked land in the world.

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