Competition is an indispensable part of life

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Competition is an indispensable part of life. Without competition, there is no motivation to move forward. There is nothing that can motivate you. That day, I understood the competition. honored to have the qualifications of the three good student candidates. Of the thirteen people, everyone is not bad, but only three people can be truly elected.eacher sent the ballot. It was just a small piece of paper, but in my eyes it seemed to determine my destiny, and its weight suddenly rose. When the students filled out the ballots, my heart was playing drums, and my hands were shaken. I feel that time has passed very long, and it seems that my heartbeat can be clearly heard. Finally, the teacher started to draw the ticket. Whenever I heard my name echoing in my ear, I was so excited and excited that I couldn��t wait to know the result immediately. Finally, I got the results in a long five minutes, I passed the primary election!tion of the strongest of the four powerhouses became the campaign between the two best friends. I voted with my best friend because it changed the rules of the campaign, so it became the competition of our two. Once again, the small ballot came to my hand. I hesitated and decided to write down my name. Whenever I was in the election, no matter what my friends, everything must be won by myself. The students also talked about it, I don��t know how to be good, and our results are comparable. Some students even came up with an idea to put together my name and a new name. I once again painted a ticket, but my heart has a completely different feeling Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. Whenever I read my name, I was a little happy, a little nervous, and a little worried. I looked at her from time to time and guessed how she felt at this time. When her name was read, I was a little nervous and very scared Marlboro Red 100S. I simply covered my head and didn't listen or watch it Newport 100S, but I couldn't help but secretly look up the ballot.ly, I ended this period of time, I lost, only one vote difference. Although I am a little unhappy, I have not hated her because of this. We are still the best friends. She is a member of the study committee. She records hard work and classroom discipline every day Parliament Cigarettes. She is also an English class representative. She runs up and down every day, and I am just a leisurely music class representative. Not as good as people, when you are self-motivated! I must prove to everyone that I can do it. I will tell you in my own way that I have enough ability to compete as a good student Cigarettes Online. I also accumulated experience for the next campaign.

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